TestMate Sport
Professional programmable Tester for 12V POWERSPORT batteries from 2 to 35Ah rated capacity

• Now with rubber holster for added protection
• Use it in any of 6 different international languages

The TestMate Sport is an easy-to-use portable battery tester specifically developed for all 12V motorcycle, ATV / Quad, snowmobile & personal watercraft starter batteries from 2 to 35Ah (SAE) rated capacity. Batteries of various different types of construction can be accurately tested for service-readiness & the amount or percentage of SAE or DIN rated CCA remaining, by way of 3 selectable programs. 

Select 1 of 3 test programmes for :-

(1) STD / FILLER CAP for batteries with filler caps.

(2) SEALED / AGM / GEL for MF (“Maintenance-Free”) motorcycle batteries 
of the type with Absorbent Glass Mat separators, whether dry-charged or 
“wet” factory-filled & -activated, of Yuasa & GS Battery (YT, YTR, YTX), 
East Penn Manufacturing (ETX), & their after-market equivalents, and
starter batteries with gel-electrolyte construction, (Exide).

(3) HIGH POWER AGM / GEL for Yuasa (& equivalent) YTZ & YTX “High 
Performance” MF, & Odyssey®. (Displayed as “HI PWR AGM/GEL”).

Simple, but effective operation

Upon connection to a 12V starter battery the TestMate Sport will power up automatically and display the battery voltage, indicating if the battery has sufficient charge to ensure an effective test. (It is always important to charge a battery prior to testing for accurate results.)
Selection of battery type (1-Std filler cap or 2-Sealed / AGM GEL or 3-HI power /AGM/GEL ) followed by selecting the parameter between Amp-hour rating (2 to 35Ah) or CCA measurement. The test will start as soon as you press ENTER to confirm the CCA or Ah value you have set.
TESTING is now displayed for a few seconds followed by both a text summary of the result, the actual CCA and % of CHARGE.
The possible result texts displayed are shown below.

The instant & reliable differential load test displays :

• Actual CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)
(choose between DIN or SAE rating norms)

• Residual charge as % of rated Ah capacity.

• Short text giving test result summary.
(OK / Recharge & retest / Bad – recycle)

Selections are made on large touch-pad keys, with their functions clearly described to the left. Information is displayed on a double line dot- matrix LCD screen. On screen prompts, supported by an informative instruction manual, guide the user through battery parameter selection. The test will automatically proceed once final selection has been made with a result obtained in 5 seconds.

A set of dual core silicon leads terminate in good quality, durable copper clamps to ensure positive connection to battery terminals.
A PM-9 battery powers the TestMate Sport. An internal auto-off function will prevent unnecessary battery drain and a warning message will be displayed if the 9V battery is low. A two year limited warranty is offered.